CoolNovo merupakan sebuat internet browser yang berbasis Google Chrome, kelebihan dari Coolnovo adalah memiliki fitur yang cukup menggiurkan untuk dicoba. Fiturnya hampir sama dengan Google Chrome hanya ada beberapa fitur yang memang dikhususkan untuk CoolNovo saja dan tidak ada di Google Chrome.
Fitur : 
  • IE Tab (open a new tab with the mechanism of action, such as Internet Explorer, gives you access normal website is only compatible with Internet Explorer);
  • Drag and drop: If you want to open the first link on the page in a new tab, you can simply drag the link with the left mouse button, and drop them anywhere on the web, the link will be opened in a new tab. This is quite convenient for retaining the current page to continue to open the link.
  • Mouse Gesture (drag to play, card switch back to the previous open pages …), Super Dreg (open links by clicking and dragging) …;
  • Double-Click: Close a tab by simply double-clicking on the top of each tab.
  • Download the software download (Orbit, IDM, etc.);
  • Add bookmark and assimilation bookmarks (After assimilating user bookmarks remember to bookmarks after reinstalling just enter your Gmail address previously retrieve bookmarks);
  • Add on;
  • Option to Customize CoolNovo.
Download :