Windows Live XP Super V.1 2013 SP3 (x86)

Free Download Microsoft Windows Live XP Super V.1 2013 SP3 (x86)– Pada kesempatan ini saya akan share Windows Live XP Super V.1 2013 yang mengambil basis dari Windows XP Pro SP3. Windows Live XP Super V.1 2013 memiliki tampilan yang sangat indah dengan banyak pilihan tampilan layar (skin) yang dapat Anda pilih sendiri, sudah ditambahkan dukungan untuk driver SATA, tanpa perlu serial number (preactivated) jika dibutuhkan serial number/ CD key telah disertakan dalam file yang Anda download, serta telah ada software pendukung di dalamnya.

What has been deleted from the version:

  • Remove all unused languages ​​except European languages
  • Been remove Alhlviat the old
  • Remove the old voices
  • Was removed Tour
  • The removal of old games and replaced with new games
  • Was the exclusion know printers to large size

What has been affixed for Windows:

  • Has been added to all SATA tariffs even accept all modern appliances
  • Add pack lan definitions and cpu and chipset
  • Add another updates
  • 6 theme has been added wonderful different colors for each Theme icons, background and indicators different from the other mouse + Theme Windows 8 + Windows Seven Theme + Vista Theme
  • 5 was added fun games instead of the old Windows games
  • 50 was added a wonderful background with HD technology
  • Add IE 8 and Windows Media Player 11 Jager updates
  • A wonderful program and the task for any user

Added programs for Windows:

  • Firefox
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • Haihaisoft-Universal-Player (wonderful program to run all the videos)
  • winamp563
  • CCleaner
  • FoxitReader545
  • Ultra iso
  • Vista Rainbar
  • Viena Dock
  • Noxas_Dock
  • Lovely Folder
  • Unlocker
  • TrueTransparency

OS Windows Live XP Super V.1 2013 SP3 (x86) ini telah saya coba di VirtualBox. Karena lupa buat screenshot, jadi screenshot saya ambil dari h33t

Windows Live XP Super Football V.1 2013 SP3 (x86)


Windows Live XP Super V.1 2013 SP3 (x86)